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What am I?
Where am I?
What's going on here?
What can I do?

Many have attempted to answer these questions, some successfully, though the answers are often buried in allegory, dense prose, ritual. THE PICTURE OF MAN is a modern, simple presentation, which you are invited to examine and put to the test yourself.
(Don't let the apparent complexity of the above diagram intimidate you--it's really simple when you know what it means. Please click the screen below for an animated narrated, step-by-step drawing of THE PICTURE OF MAN. To request a printed version with each frame in "storyboard" style, . Be sure to include your postal address in the body of the message.)
There is nothing presented here requiring "belief," and we ask you NOT TO BELIEVE A WORD OF IT, use the information as hypothesis. It is all easy to check out, and if you do, and if the information is seen to work, it is yours. If not, trash it.

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The Four Ways of Man
The Four Forces
The Four Dual Basic Urges
The Four Big Games

The 9-Step Journey
The Place of Language

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